Monday, October 24, 2011

Glitzy Diwali Decor

I am sure you all are very busy and excited with your preparations for the coming Diwali. So here I wish a very happy and prosperous Diwali to all my Indian friends here and abroad as well as all my readers who visit this post quite regularly.

Here I show you how I am decorating my house on this festival of light and am also keen to see how others are doing up their homes for the festival.

Acrylic pebbles in silver and orange in a silver bowl

Entrance to our home

My string of teardrop faceted Carnelian adorning Buddha's feet

My string of beads reflecting brightly in the mirror

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fall Decor with Warm Hues and Natural Elements

Natural Branches

Acorn Picture Frame

We often overlook the bounty of nature. Perhaps to acknowledge this gift of God, we infuse our interiors with natural elements during the Fall season.Incorporate the autumn harvest colours like red, orange and metallic while decorating your home for the season. 

Use Neutral and Warm Tones
Dried corn, dry branches, leaves, wood, fruits, flowers, vegetables, especially pumpkins, etc are used in imaginative ways both inside and outside the houses for Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations.

Orange Queen Flower
Fall also means decorating with bright hued interior.

Pumpkin Hued

Red Black Oak Leaves
Leaf Frame
You can collect fallen leaves and foliage from your garden or  during your walks in the neighbourhood and press them between books. To avoid staining your precious books, use newspapers or other papers inside the book to hold the leaf. 
Framed Pressed Leaves
Leaf Labels
Leaf Display
A vase with colourful red, maroon and golden maple leaves; or a bunch of naturally preserved soft Caspia in fiery golden orange will add pops of colour to your space.

String of Bright Leaves
Add a festive look to your room by stringing together some bright freshly plucked oak leaves and hanging them over the door or the mantle. Or simply toss a handful of leaves in a bowl to enhance your coffee table.

Leaves and Floating Candles
Fresh Foliage


Bittersweet Branches

Autumnal Hue

Branches of Bittersweet red and golden berries look ravishing as table décor. You may even use bleached branches of eucalyptus tree.

Bleached Eucalyptus Leaves

Bittersweet Branches

Even branches of blooming French Lavender will add a fresh touch to your interior.

Preserved French Lavender

Bittersweet Berries

Acorn Branches

Cozy Fall-Ready Bedroom
You can even create a centerpiece with painted branches of acorn in a beautiful bright vase and decorated with ornaments.

Dark Blue Preserved Eucalyptus
Borrow woody colours from  nuts, dark branches, acorns, dry leaves etc and combine them with gold and other metallic shades for a plush look.

Rich Fall Colour Scheme

Fuse Elements

Fall Gatherings
Create a welcoming entrance by combining different elements.Fill silver or copper vases with dried branches in combination with green foliage and soft bright flowers.Place some nuts and berries in stone plates on a console table, in front of an ornamental mirror.

Bright Foyer
Acorn Placemats
Scented Leaf Wreath

A wreath made of season’s colourful bounty like pumpkins and gourds will add warmth and colour to your front door.

Pumpkin Vase
Decorative Pumpkin

Natural Elements

Kitchen Herb Wreath
Brighten up your foyer by placing a vase decorated with bright branches of bittersweet or maple in front of a framed ornamental mirror. 
A Rich Palette of Colour and Texture
Light Up

Paint pumpkins with metallic colours and give them height by placing them on tall glass candlestands and overturned decorative utensils. Or decorate them with paints, stencils and other ways to bring in fun and zest.
Spooky Pumpkin with Message
Caterpillar-Painted Pumpkins
Do not ignore your front yard as these are the places where you will first receive the guests.

Mirror and Ornaments

Appealing Front Door

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exotic Home Accessories


Queen of the Nile Porcelain : Lladro

Accessories make the room. They bring life to a space with colours, textures and forms. They also tell a thousand words about the owners, their passions, their travels, their tastes, their lifestyles etc.

A beautiful hand-painted lamp, a Lalique vase, a Lladro figurine, an Afghan rug, a pair of tall wodden giraffes, a marble inlaid elephant, a jewel-encrusted mirror -- they all tell different stories about the craft of that region and the hard work of the people who gave shape to them.

Blue and White Porcelain Jars: Horchow

Perched Birds Table Jar: Horchow

A pair of Oriental jars or a single large porcelain vase like these with attractive motifs will immediately catch everyone's attention.

Lladro figurines are admired worldwide for their intricate designs and thoughtful ideas. There is perhaps one or more Lladro pieces depicting each mood, emotion, occasion, season and creature. The fluid and true to life sculptures in porcelain are coveted pieces despite their steep prices and will bring any corner of your room into focus.

Horses' Group: Lladro


Flowers Of The Season: Lladro

Shakyamuni Buddha (Orange): Lladro

Lord Krishna: Lladro

Standing Buddha : Lladro

Usher in peace and tranquility with these lovely and delicate Buddha and Lord Krishna figurines shaped in porcelain. Perched on a shelf or side table, they will keep a benevolent eye on everyone.

Indian Dance: Lladro

Do not forget your walls. Cover the blank space on your wall with decorative prints, wall plaques, baroque or embroidered wall hangings.

Mihrab Wall Hanging: Lladro

Geometric Prints: Horchow

Marla Malett Suzani Wall Hanging

Giclee Tiles: Horchow

Hand embroidered Kantha work:

A Suzani Wall Hanging

Any of these vibrant wall accents will add colour to your room and also showcase your rich taste.

Riding The Big One : Llaro
Lalique Rene

Ballet: Lladro

Lalique Bowl
Floral Baroque Wall Decor: Horchow

Wood Branch Wall Decor: Horchow

Steel and Bone Lotus Leaves: Horchow
These lovely pieces can either adorn your console or cabinet.... or wherever you fancy.

Natural Sculptures: Horcow
Turquoise Glass Vases: Horchow

Parisian Vases : Horchow
Vases are the most popular decoration accessory. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours. They look attractive on their own or with flowers and branches.

Indian Batik: Horchow
Faux Horns: Horchow

Faux Water Buffalo Horns: Horchow

Bring a bit of wild into your private space with these two faux horns.Placed on the tables, they look perfectly at home. A few other items with animal prints will complete the look of your room.

Madonna and Child: Horcow
Silver Leaf Branch: Horchow
Kneeling Buddha: Horchow

Global Suzani Print: Horchow
African Tonga Trays: Horchow
Pine Cone Reindeers: Horchow

Reindeer Candleholders: Horchow

Bethany Lowe: Horchow
Cheetah-print Lanterns: Horchow
Morrocan floor lanterns
Blue Glass Moroccan Lantern

Bring in light and enlightenment with these lanterns and candle holders.

Oil Drum Lid Art: Horchow
Cabris Wall Panel: Horchow

Framed Suzani Wall Decor Image: Decor Pad

Picture frames, trays, painted kettles, candle stands  all can be used independently or in a group on your coffee table, console or side table. Show off your refined taste with these masterpieces.

Michael Aram Frames: Neiman Marcus

Michael Wainwright: Neiman Marcus
John Derian Trays: Neiman Marcus

L'Objet Perlie Frames: Neiman Marcus

Mariposa Trays: Neiman Marcus
MacKenzie-Childs Tea Kettles: Neiman Marcus

These kettles will also look tantalising as a decor item on your shelves or coffee table as well. Co-ordinate these with the colourful photo frames for a  happy and cheerful look.
MacKenzie Childs: Neiman Marcus
This bowl itself is enough to evoke sighs from all. You can elevate its appeal by arranging a potpourri in it.

Poppy Bowl: Horchow

Ceramic boxes: Horchow

Jonathan Adler Teaware: Horchow
Who would have the heart to use this elephant tea-pot at the tea table? Many, like me, would love to show it off as a work of art.

Amitayus Buddha: Lladro