Thursday, June 30, 2011

The City of Joy

I am just back from Kolkata. Though I have grown up in Delhi and spent my married and work life in Mumbai, Kolkata city holds a special place in my heart where I have lots of relatives. We have been visiting Kolkata during holidays since our childhood. And all the mashi-meshos, jytheu-monima, kaka-kakus, mama-mamis and cousins have been pampering us during our brief stay. Probably that is another reason for us to feel so happy and carefree here.

The moment I land in Kolkata city, I somehow get absorbed in its vitality, creative juices and the laid-back character. In addition, the divine sweets, costing several times less than that in Mumbai, increase my craving for Sandesh, Rasogolla, Shar-bhaja, Kheer-kadam, chanar polau.... Oooohhh!!! And I return gaining several kilos!!

The rains had brought down the temperature by several notches and a trip down the Gariahat market really soared my spirits. We were also treated to a grand and delicious breakfast at the famous Flury's restaurant at Park Street. Though the prices were quite high, I loved their Heritage Chicken Patties and Chocolate Brownies!!

A visit to a dear uncle and aunty (Ashok-Moutushi Sur), who had lovingly prepared some delicious sandwiches and fish-chops, was another high point of our trip. Their house in central Kolkata has been done up with a lot of care and details and welcomes guests with open arms.

Due to cloudy weather and my limited 'photography skill', the picture quality is not very high. But I am sure you will get an idea. While uncle, a technical person, has combined his passion for machines with art through his collection of artefacts from all over the globe, aunty has given vent to her creative endeavours through textile designing and sells her stuff from home.

Have a look at their beautiful house:

An aesthetic setting in the living room. The cabinet-top displays an eclectic mix of modern and traditional. Do not miss the mini tree house-- very cute!!!

Uncle's prized collection

An inviting breakfast nook with framed embroideries.

A graceful painting and the asymmetrical coffee table complement the embroidered curtain and the simple decor of the room.

A Tanjore painting painstakingly done by aunty

A Beautiful lady with a lamp

A modest Ganesha collection at the entrance

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shelf Display

While many houses have great display on their showcases, a lot of people do not use the decorating possibilities that the shelves offer. Many shelves look cluttered with books and papers just stuffed in them.But it is really easy to decorate the shelves to make them the focal point of any room, and thereby offering a visual delight. It is important to create a harmony and balance while decorating the shelves.

There are no fixed rules as to what you should keep on your selves. It could be a collection of books, candles, framed pictures and decorating items. Even the bedroom and children's room can get a facelift with an addition of shelves. Take inspiration from these pictures and fly.....

Many shelves look casual, many have a cultivated look, some look academic, some frivolous, some eclectic-- just like the owners!

Show off Collectibles
Mix different heights

Tribal Accents

Colour Blocks

Collection of hot wheels
Harmonius with books and hat boxes




Images courtesy:
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Draining Design!

If you are in the midst of designing your shower or are contemplating to give your bath area a facelift, stop for a moment! It is possible that you are pouring over catalogues and shops in search of the ideal sanitary wares. And the last item that is on your mind must be the drains! Till now, we thought it should serve the purpose and had never dreamt that these could also have design possibilities. 

Designer Drains are the newest and most artistic accents available in the market  that will definitely enhance the look of any shower, or exterior space.

They are made from reclaimed .060" thick 304 Stainless Steel and are "Assisting the environment, one shower at a time." No plastic or PVC is used to manufacture this product  made in the USA.

So lift your mood at the bath and surprise your family and friends with these lovely products.

These jewels for your bathroom are available in every design that you fancy or can perceive of.Find them at designer drains here.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Room Splendour

Today I will showcase some rooms which are cheerful, with a happy ambience. The moment you enter these rooms, you get a sense of calm and warmth. That exactly is the essence of an interior decoration. The experts say that a decoration should keep people first and cater to the needs and aesthetics of the family members and the guests and not the other way round. 

So borrow ideas form these rooms and add your imagination for creating a space of your dreams.

Beautiful cushions done at the needlepoint

Variety of Prints and colours

Bright Tulips lend hues to the cushions

Collection of watches

Exquisite table decor

Elegant room

A bright and cheerful room

An Ikat bedspread and a patterned rug add dimension to the room

Living with art

Tribal prints and accents add a festive mood

Images: Courtesy Style at home, Ideal home, Elle decor, New England Homes.