Monday, December 13, 2010

Neo-classical Furniture

Hi friends! I was busy last week with various odd things. But also managed to visit the Furniture Exhibition at Nehru Centre, Worli in Mumbai. This time, the stuff was too regular! I liked a few interesting pieces on display by  Bicfurniture (on ground floor), that sells furniture from Jodhpur and has a shop near VT station, and Lifestyle Home Store (second floor), that had a beautiful centre table and matching side table with elaborate carving.

This reminds me of another furniture exhibition a few years back (2007). This one, organised by Fashion Design Guild (FDG), that showcases talent and presents furniture in both classical and modern forms, had particularly two women designers, whose products had left an impression in my mind.

Artz- Madhavi Khanolkar

Madhvi has over ten years’ experience in interior design and a “deep liking for furniture and its intricacies.” She describes her designs as “merging of old with clean cut lines of modern style”.

“We like to use modern moulding and period carving, merge marble with mother of pearl”, she had said. Madhvi summed up her designs as contemporary-classic.

The Yellow Bohemian- Suchitra Ayappa

Suchitra has studied Furniture Design at Rhode School of Design, USA. Her philosophy for elegant interior design is “a little restraint”.

Her inspiration is simplicity, “borrowing forms and shapes from the nature”. Her line is functional as well as eclectic—adding a character to the room it occupies.

Yes, any good art form is timeless.

However, I am unable to locate the two on the net. Do not know if they have changed their brand names or have merged with some other brand. If you know about them, let me know so that I can inform my readers accordingly.

Images courtesy: FDG

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