Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Add A Dash Of Turquoise To Your Room

Peacock vase
A Pair of Chinese Vases

Of late I am feeling a special affinity towards the colour turquoise in interior decor. Probably the interest was fuelled by the blog House of Turquoise,  where Erin laboriously looks for turquoise elements in a room and showcases them with a lot of devotion day after day.Every day.
Canvas Wall Art
The colour Turquoise is a mixture of blue and green with its shades ranging from sky blue to deep greenish blues.While the lighter shade of turquoise is very feminine, the darker teal shade looks very sophisticated.

A beautiful Turquoise Sofa

Ceramic Horse

A Cozy Corner
Kitchen Shelves
Turquoise Lotus Cushion

Italian Ceramic

Turquoise Blossom

Turquoise, Orange Cherry Blossom Prints
Painted Mirror

The colour can be used in different ways to create a room of your choice-- whether you fancy a bold and lively look of want a dreamy or warm ambience. Lighter shades of the colour has a calming effect. while the deeper shades look exciting and wild. 

Kitchen Nook
Floral Tiles
Salon de Thé by Ames Ingham
Cabinet de Curiosité by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

A Cheerful Room
Embroidered Cushion

Ceramic Fish

Combine it with grey, silver, pink, chocolate and terracotta for an eclectic look. Mix it with orange, yellow or green for a fresh, sporty look. For a serious personality, go for white or black accents with Turquoise.

Cabinet de Curiosite

Turquoise and Green

Floral Cushion

A Calming Effect

Turquoise and Green Knick-knacks

Guest Bedroom
Attractive Kitchen

Brown and Turquoise

Turquoise Accents

Turquoise on Wall and Curtain

Fawn and Turquoise

Elegant Family Room

An Elegant Room inTurquoise,Blue,Grey,Yellow and Black

Villa Amarilla


Some More Rooms....

A Bold Wall Colour
Lavender and Turquoise
Turquoise Lacquered Wall
Turquoise Orange Dinning Room

Purple and Turquoise

Handy Tips

Sunny Yellow and Turquoise
Orange and Turquoise
Turquoise Binding all Other Colours

A Statement Wall
Orange,Turquoise and Mustard

A Serene Aqua Bedroom

A Lovely Motif in Turquoise

Silver and Turquoise

Dinning Room
Turquoise is believed to symbolise open communication and clarity of thought. It is said that Turquoise recharges spirits during times of mental stress.

Purple and Turquoise
Kid's Room
Lovely Pink and Turquoise
Snuggle In
Teal and Chocolate
Modern Look

Deep Turquoise, Blue and White
Turquoise Glasses Complement Zinc-topped Table
Elephant Wall Hanging
So take inspiration from these rooms and incorporate more of Turquoise into your space.

Via:The Lennoxx
Country Living
Coastal Living
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