Monday, January 3, 2011

Creative Gouri's Abode

I am starting the year 2011 by showcasing Gouri Chatterjee's Kolkata house. 

         Like a true Gemini-an, Gouri is multi-faceted. Be it crochet, acrylic painting, ceramic art, Tanjore painting, glass painting, jewellery making, ... you name any art form and chances are that she dabbles in it.

          A great advocate of recycling things, you will find that many discarded items have been given a new form in her house. Gouri's smiling face and winning ways have earned her many friends. She has a positive attitude towards life and is spiritual in her own way.

Low seating, a durrie and a galloping horse on the floor
A serene look

A graceful figurine in an alcove welcomes the guests

A relaxed look
An attractive corner

Her house reflects her refined taste. And as expected, many artefacts in the house have been painstakingly made by her, adding a very personal touch to her nest of love.

Gouri's glass figures

A Chivas Regal bottle converted into an attractive lamp

While the simple but tastefully done up indoor exudes a lot of warmth, the terrace garden and the balcony are equally inviting with blooming flowers. Even the staircase, leading to the flat, has been decorated with a lot of care.

A pair of singers welcomes the guests

I thank Gouri for letting us peek into her house, where she resides with her husband Sandip, daughter Daisy and son Bir.She has skilfully mixed traditional with modern while doing up her decor.

Gouri is versatile, witty, gregarious and like any creative person, a little moody! Here are a sample of her creative fingers!

A Dahlia in Gouri's garden

A Tanjore painting done by Gouri, her art teacher and her children

A glass painting

A ceramic pot decorated with leaves

A crochet top made by Gouri
A freshly baked cake

Ever-smiling Gouri

Feel free to leave a comment. Both Gouri and I would love to hear from you!


Slightly Bald said...

Very nice piece. Enjoyed greatly!

mum said...

I loved your presentation of a very simple person Gouri in a beautiful way.This is my best New Year's gift I've recieved so far.

Mohua said...

Thanks to both of you! I enjoyed doing the post as much!

Sanjukta Basu said...

"Hey, your blog looks really awesome. Loved yr latest post "Creative Gouri's abode" :) Keep blogging away....!"

Nik said...

Great Work! I loved the way you captured real Gouri, Artistic and Beautiful Gauri.

Mohua Chakraborty said...

Thanks Nik!