Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Designer Duo

Hi! I am back from my holidays and am a bit excited!
          In this post I will feature the house of a designer couple Chaitali and Anando Banerjee and their little son Dhruv.  This Delhi house of my sister-in-law Chaitali,  a textile designer, and brother Anando, a game designer, reflects an understated elegance. The furniture have been deliberately kept minimal to allow a lot of open space. The elevated ceiling, open staircase and low seating add height to the room.

A cozy corner

Lord Ganesha bestowing blessings from atop a hand-painted cabinet with an antique look

Do not miss the beautiful red and gold hand embroidered curtain

The focal point of the room, of course, is the bling staircase!!

An ornate mirror reflects the other corner, adding depth to the room....

The blooming garden on the rooftop...




The charming duo is very popular among friends and this terrace garden often transforms into a party venue in the evenings!!


           Chaitali's workshop overlooks her colourful garden. The bright flowers in the outdoors inspire her creations on textiles. Her specialities are printing, hand-painting and embroidery on sarees, dresses, t-shirts, jackets, skirts and even furnishings. She mostly retails from home, but one can catch her at exhibitions at the embassies and other such venues.

Fiery red flowers painted on a black and gold sari

Prints and paintings on Tussar saris

An elegant kurti 

Applique, print,painting, embroidery... you have it all here

Hand-painted skirt
Hand-painted Jacket
A Chiffon Sari
A Hand-painted Scarf/Dupatta
You may contact Chaitali to buy any of these  designer stuffs at mobile no: 919818884959.

Chaitali and Anando's artistic sense and an eye for detail could be noticed throughout the house-- whether it is their embroidered curtain, or lamp shades,door knobs or hand-painted cabinets.... 

A floral door knob

A painted shade

A painted cabinet acts as Chaitali's dresser!!!
I thank Chaitali and Anando for allowing me to showcase their beautiful house. Do feel free to leave a comment. We all would appreciate it!

      By the way, my fortnight long holiday was quite rejuvenating as I spent time with my parents, my brother and his family-- I specially treasure my time with my nephew. I went on a shopping spree with Chaitali and also bonded with an old school mate and some relatives! So what else do I need? 



Anonymous said...

wherecan buy the tussar sarees and the other sarees that wereposted. Ilike them

Mohua Chakraborty said...

Sorry for the delay! You can buy the sarees in Delhi and Kolkata.Please contact Chaitali at:

Mohua Chakraborty said...

Chaitali is available at mobile no.