Thursday, December 30, 2010

Living Room Table Decor

Friends, I have been busy with a few things since last week. I am sure you are getting ready to ring in the New Year with a lot of pomp.

The year 2010 has been a mix bag for me. One great achievement for me this year has been the birth of my second child-- this design blog! 

I am ending this year with ideas on coffee table decor. 

I think table decoration adds character to any room and tells a lot about the inhabitants of the house. Some like their table tops to be neat, some display their books, others want to showcase their collections or artefacts picked up during various trips. Flower is perhaps the most widely used decor item.

There are Eastern ways of decorating the table  and there are Western ways of doing it. And then there is the blending of the two!! 

Some are clean lines, some are luxurious!!!

A warm and serene oriental style (Pic

A stylish mix of modern and traditional  (Pic Elle Decor)

Courtesy Interiors and Lifestyle India

Decor by Eddie Ross (Pic Elle Decor)

Harmony in clutter (Pic Elle Decor)

(Pics Interiors and Lifestyle India)

Satusma Porcelein  (Pic House to Home)

So beautify your house. It will automatically bring in cheers and pure vibes into your life!!
Happy New Year in advance!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Paper Craft

Another festive season is upon us. And also the holiday season-- especially for the kids. So, if you like to make handmade cards or are interested in paper craft,this is the time to indulge your passion! 

Here,I bring some lovely cards and stamps from Kaisercraft to help you give flights to your 

Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t love counting down the days till Christmas?

Advent Calendar for Christmas, by Alicia Barry 


Everyday Advent Calendar by Nikki Antontello

Your dear ones will love you, bless you, adore you for these works of art!!

 Pics courtesy:

Mini Clear Stamps 


Card by LG Blearmino – Cards & envelope Taupe

Card “Friends” – Camilla Ekman

Card by Kerryn:Cut a window in your card and stamp the sentiment on the inside of the card so that it is visible through your window.      
A sweet card from Karen

Images courtesy:

Pearl and Rhinestone Flourishes

These pearl and stone accents add a touch of glam to the projects!

Layout by Kerryn Lawson

Layout by Karen Shady

Layout by Camilla Ekman

Images courtesy:

Layer Upon Layer


“Tiny Dancer” by Leanne Allinson


Monday, December 13, 2010

Neo-classical Furniture

Hi friends! I was busy last week with various odd things. But also managed to visit the Furniture Exhibition at Nehru Centre, Worli in Mumbai. This time, the stuff was too regular! I liked a few interesting pieces on display by  Bicfurniture (on ground floor), that sells furniture from Jodhpur and has a shop near VT station, and Lifestyle Home Store (second floor), that had a beautiful centre table and matching side table with elaborate carving.

This reminds me of another furniture exhibition a few years back (2007). This one, organised by Fashion Design Guild (FDG), that showcases talent and presents furniture in both classical and modern forms, had particularly two women designers, whose products had left an impression in my mind.

Artz- Madhavi Khanolkar

Madhvi has over ten years’ experience in interior design and a “deep liking for furniture and its intricacies.” She describes her designs as “merging of old with clean cut lines of modern style”.

“We like to use modern moulding and period carving, merge marble with mother of pearl”, she had said. Madhvi summed up her designs as contemporary-classic.

The Yellow Bohemian- Suchitra Ayappa

Suchitra has studied Furniture Design at Rhode School of Design, USA. Her philosophy for elegant interior design is “a little restraint”.

Her inspiration is simplicity, “borrowing forms and shapes from the nature”. Her line is functional as well as eclectic—adding a character to the room it occupies.

Yes, any good art form is timeless.

However, I am unable to locate the two on the net. Do not know if they have changed their brand names or have merged with some other brand. If you know about them, let me know so that I can inform my readers accordingly.

Images courtesy: FDG

Monday, December 6, 2010

Lacework on Wood

Hi friends! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Some of you must have finished some of the pending chores, some watched a movie and did a bit of socialising, some cooked some special dishes, some, like me, went for shopping while others checked your mail or just lazed around!! (Would love to know what else you do on weekends!)

Meanwhile, I dug out some exquisite decor ideas for you. I had come across this site Brocadehome long back and had loved their laser-cut storage boxes! But when I went back to the site last week, I discovered some latticed wall arts and exquisite ledges. Some will surely remind you of the beautiful laces that you used to have on your frocks when you were a baby!! I am sure you will enjoy these as much as I did.

Laser-cut storage and wall hanging

Ruffle-edge mirror
Laser-cut ledge

Moulure ledge - high gloss white
Ruffle frame shelf
Moulure edge Silver
Geometric box ledge
Gothic flock foil wallpaper - white
Laser cut Rug
Brocade Lantern
Coral bowl silver
Laser cut table mat
Nesting floral bowl

Do also check out their cushions and chandeliers. Happy browsing at 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Design sensibilities of the Orient

Oriental designs have always fascinated me for their vibrant colours and artistic forms.

Intricately carved treasures, that were once restricted to palaces and temples,have been moulded into modern design, without sacrificing their aesthetic appeal. 

Take a peek into the opulent oriental decor from the book Contemporary Thai  and bid goodbye to minimalistic decor!!!

Miniature model for a 19th Century temple happily blends into a modern living room

A reconstructed manuscript cabinet alongside a deckchair and ornate Dutch lamp

Ink drawings of Lanna temples and zodiac signs on the wall

Occidental meets Oriental

Side panels of Burmese Xylophone inlaid with mirrors

Magical Wishing Tree motif in gold leaf stencil

An ornate sideboard against clothing and blanket baskets

Traditional table setting

Let me know if you like this. Will try to get more for you later!