Monday, August 29, 2011

Get Wild

When leopard prints are invading both the runways and the interiors, how can the zebra print stay behind?

Add statements with these zebra-print home accessories and decorating ideas to bring in a touch of wild into your living spaces.

The rug adds another dimension to the turquoise and orange colour scheme (designed by Porter Design Company.

by Ada and Darcy

See here how you can incorporate animal prints in your wardrobe.

Images courtesy: bungalow house, besthomedesigns, house of turquoise, ada and darcy.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Inspiring Rooms

You all will agree that there are rooms which immediately catch our attention while others look ordinary and do not make any impact. A room can come into focus either for its warm hues or the understated elegance or an interesting play of colour and textures. 

We fall in love with some rooms for their opulence while some others get etched into our minds for their stylish simplicity and clear lines. I personally like pops of vibrant colours and juxtaposition of different shapes, textures and element, that synthesise harmoniously to create the total effect.

Here I present some rooms done up by Boston-based interior designer Rachel Reider that I loved.  What about you?



 Via:Rachel Reider Interiors

I am all for bright accents. In my opinion, they infuse a room with a lot of warmth. And the clever use of bright colours in above rooms probably attracted me more because here in India we love to be surrounded by vivacious colours.I also feel that during chilly winters you would immediately feel cheerful on entering through the front door if your room is vibrant. Try it!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Decorating With Books

So you are a bookworm and the smell of old books give you goose bumps? And you have a great collection of books in your room that you do not know how to keep organised? 

Whether you want to fill spaces or bring certain areas under focus, books are ideal. Decorate  with books and add a character to your room with a little help from these pictures.

Mix of books and baskets

Books under the table for easy access

Colour co-ordinated

A masculine look


Stylish shelves

Organised look

Floor to ceiling

Pictures courtesy: Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, Style at Home, Nuevo Estilo, Decorology.