Monday, February 7, 2011

Wall -to-Wall

What do people put up on their walls? I often observe this when I visit someone's place. The wall decor always adds a dimension to the interiors. Besides, it reveals the tastes of the hosts or tells stories about the owners' travels to different parts of the world. 

       In India, for centuries, women used to paint the walls with colours and motifs, borrowing forms and symbols from nature-- like flowers, birds, crops, leaves, shells, fish etc-- popularly known as  Warli art, Alpona, Rangoli etc.--in different names in different Indian states. Similar forms were also popular in the western world.

While this is still being practiced in villages, we modern city-dwellers decorate our walls with paintings, embroidered pieces, graphic art, puppets, wall paper, mirror..... what else?...

Have a look....

Chinese wallpaper

Framed Butterflies

Painting framed by a mirror

Vibrant wallpaper



Images via: Elle Decor, Apartment Therapy, Lonny Magazine,  Style at Home, Living Etc

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