Monday, April 4, 2011

Romancing the woods

In this age of plywood and particle boards, solid wood furniture hold a special place of their own. Remember those wooden cupboards, dressers and beds of your grandparents? Yes, they were heavy and occupied a lot of space-- but each of them had a character of its own. 

Have a look at these individually handcrafted furniture at Lombok and revisit the bygone eras.....

These pieces are manufactured in Lombok -- an island in Indonesia. Popular among both domestic and international tourists, Lombok is often termed as “an unspoiled Bali,” or “Bali’s sister island.” 

Interestingly called a Piano stool

Anyone for these blanket chests?

Chest of drawers to stash all your accessories...

This bench strikes a chord somewhere...

Planter's armchair
Aptly called Lazy chair
 I am sure this chair will make many of you nostalgic! Those summer vacations at the grandpa's place... Curling up with a book... or Taking a nap in the sun on the chair on a winter afternoon....

Tall boy chest to store my paper goodies!!
This Study Table can also be used as a dressing table

Lombok also has other accessories for your home... 


For holding your blings!!!

 This ornate photo-frame is ideal for displaying your wedding pictures...

A mother-of-pearl frame

An artistic ceramic vase

So if you want to explore more, visit Lombok furniture here 

You may also be able to avail of their ongoing sale offer.

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