Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cabinet Post

Hi friends! I have been busy with my writing assignments, so missed my blog post. 

This week I will tell you about something close to my heart. Don't get me wrong by the title. No, I am not talking about the Parliament or the Ministers. But about a versatile piece of furniture that is both a popular home decoration and utility piece -- the cabinets.  Some are exquisite with intricate inlay work, some very basic and some innovative. Have your pick and elevate it into an exquisite piece with imaginations and graceful sensibilities.

Whether in living room, bedroom, foyer or study-- these pieces are sure to raise the decor of any space a few notches higher and store your knick-knacks as well.

Inlaid Opulence


Raspberry Inlaid

Dark Beauty

Simple Elegance

White Splendour

Warm and Elaborately Carved

Floor Cabinet

Steel Cabinet

White and Pale Blue


Cane Cabinet

Images Courtesy: Graham and Greene, Apartment Therapy, House to Home, Femalenetwork, New England Home.

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