Tuesday, November 15, 2011

August and Elegant New England Homes

Here are three New England homes that are grand in their scales, views and luxuries; opulent in their styles and amount of available garden spaces and perfectly mix  grandoise architecture with dignified interior designs. Do you know that New England is a term used by US Conservatives to describe countries in European post-Communist era? The 'newness' refers not to their independent status but re-acquired status of capitalist democracies. Another aspect that binds them together is their governments' support to the 2003 Iraq war.

However, these houses will bring in a breadth of fresh air with their soothing or at times bold colours, interesting textures and accents to brighten up your day.

Hungarian oil painting, bold colours on sofa makes an elegant contrast against curtain prints

A cozy corner

Rich colours in library

Curved foyer wall showcasing a scene from North America

A welcoming entrance

Comfy sofas

Vast green expanse

The stone wall lends texture to the space
Girls' room in purple and lavender

A view from the house

Courtesy: New England Homes

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