Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Simple Charm of Filipino Homes

I am starting the New Year by featuring a few houses in the Philippines. Some are contemporary, some casual and some a fusion of both-- but all are charming. And you may even feel a similarity between their decor style and that of Indian sensibilities. 

The first house here showcases simple but carefully created country charm in the vacation house of a Manila designer. The quirky curios, natural weaves, dashes of colour and natural elements reflect the owner's childhood association with various things.

An Earthy Palette

Themed Decor: Framed Fish

An Attractive Outdoor Space

Cool Clock

A Giraffe Keeping An Eye On The Room

Hat Collection In Children's Room
A Framed Ganesha Sharing Space With Quirky Curios

Some more Filipino houses...

A Modern Look

An Attractive Kitchen Counter: Plastic Chairs, Glass-top Tables
Mirrored Console
Oriental Look
An Inviting Living Room
Elegant In Black n White



Hey Mohuadi, Your blog is a riot of colours. Superb. When did you visit Philipines?


Mohua Chakraborty said...

Thanks Nivedita!