Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bodhi Tree-- A Boutique Guest House in Kolkata

I came across this guest house on the net and was immediately floored. I was looking for some serviced apartments in Kolkata when I found this boutique guest house and serviced apartment. The place is so aesthetically done, it will immediately attract many guests with discerning taste. The price is also not that high compared to the tasteful decor, relaxing ambience and the central location.You can admire the art and artefacts, browse books under the trees in the garden, surf the net and relish home-cooked food at Bodhi Tree. And do check out the special offers for women mentioned below.

Kalchakra Garden View Room
Bodhi Master Suite

Bodhi Master Suite

Vajrayana Guestroom
Yogacara Cottage

Decorated with strong Buddhist and Tibetan accents, synthesised with dark and carved wooden furniture, Bodhi Tree is an eclectic mix of  B&B, Serviced Apartment, Guest House, Inn and a Boutique Hotel. Located close to Rabindra Sarovar Metro Station, the place has been designed by the owners Santasree Chaudhuri and her son Devdan Chaudhuri themselves. Santasree is an Entrepreneur (Logistics Management Consultant)  and an Activist, with a keen interest in spirituality, travel and social work.

Common Space-- cafe, library, garden, art gallery
Mahayana Guestroom Suite
Tantrayana Guestroom
Kalchakra Garden View Room

Bodhi Master Suite

Yogacara Cottage --INR 2200/- per night ( inclusive of taxes, breakfast for 2 & Wi – fi ) -- a smaller room : only suitable for single matured adult or two young adults. 
Kalchakra Garden View-- INR 3000/- per night ( inclusive of taxes, breakfast for 2 & Wi – fi ) 
Tantrayana Guestroom-- INR 4000/- per night ( inclusive of taxes, breakfast for 2 & Wi – fi )
Mahayana Guestroom Suite-- INR 4000/-per night ( inclusive of taxes, breakfast for 2 & Wi – fi )
Vajrayana Guestroom Suite -- INR 4500/- per night ( inclusive of taxes, breakfast for 2 & Wi – fi )
 Bodhi Master Suite (2 Bedroom) -- INR 8000/- per night (inclusive of taxes, breakfast for 4 & Wi – fi) 

For women travellers, Bodhi Tree has some special rates and privileges under Wewomyn Purple Privilege-- especially travelling alone/group with children and women visiting Kolkata for voluntary/social work. One of the motivations for Santasree to start Bodhi Tree was to provide safe and secured accomodation to women travellers from all over the globe. But men are equally welcome.

With a mission to empower women, she provides holistic legal advise to victims of domestic violence and gender discrimination.

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