Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Designer Heather Scott

While surfing the net, I came across Heather Scott Home and Design and almost immediately loved their fresh and lively design concepts.The spaces look very warm and inviting. I adore the prints that she has used-- be it on the cushions, duvets, curtains or on the walls!

I found out on Heather's blog about her passion for fabrics: She says,"In my opinion, fabrics are often the most important decorative element in a room. After you’ve established the floorplan/layout and architectural elements, it is important to have an ‘inspiration’ piece to get the room’s design started. I love to start with artwork, but sometimes original artwork can be cost prohibitive. In lieu of a fabulous oil painting, I often turn to interesting fabrics". Well that is very evident in all the rooms that she has designed.

The rooms, though mostly done in brown and beige, look very livable and not like an art museum!  So take a look...

Read an interview with Heather Scott here.

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