Monday, April 1, 2013

Black Magic

I belong to a country where people embrace vibrant colours in a very natural way.  So, like me, many hesitate to decorate spaces with black-- infact, consciously stay away from it as black has earned a bad name for itself as an inauspicious colour. But I came across some spaces that, despite having doses of black, were balanced with other hues or black was injected in small doses to accentuate the stylish personality of the rooms.

Black, if used cleverly, looks very posh in a room. Designers often prefer to decorate men's pads with black as the colour has some masculine character about it. But when combined with other colours it can be fun. 

Introduce black in a little measure to begin with-- like on one wall, on a piece of furniture, on the rug, wallpaper etc. Then build up the theme by offsetting it with a single bright colour like turquoise, fuchsia etc or more colours in the form of cushions or upholstery. White most commonly partners with black. But do not be afraid to pair sunny yellow, crimson red, beige, orange, green or even mauve to do the trick with black.








Black and white wallpaper adds a dimension to the room

Turquoise and black make this bathroom attractive

Black and pink

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