Thursday, December 30, 2010

Living Room Table Decor

Friends, I have been busy with a few things since last week. I am sure you are getting ready to ring in the New Year with a lot of pomp.

The year 2010 has been a mix bag for me. One great achievement for me this year has been the birth of my second child-- this design blog! 

I am ending this year with ideas on coffee table decor. 

I think table decoration adds character to any room and tells a lot about the inhabitants of the house. Some like their table tops to be neat, some display their books, others want to showcase their collections or artefacts picked up during various trips. Flower is perhaps the most widely used decor item.

There are Eastern ways of decorating the table  and there are Western ways of doing it. And then there is the blending of the two!! 

Some are clean lines, some are luxurious!!!

A warm and serene oriental style (Pic

A stylish mix of modern and traditional  (Pic Elle Decor)

Courtesy Interiors and Lifestyle India

Decor by Eddie Ross (Pic Elle Decor)

Harmony in clutter (Pic Elle Decor)

(Pics Interiors and Lifestyle India)

Satusma Porcelein  (Pic House to Home)

So beautify your house. It will automatically bring in cheers and pure vibes into your life!!
Happy New Year in advance!

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