Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Design sensibilities of the Orient

Oriental designs have always fascinated me for their vibrant colours and artistic forms.

Intricately carved treasures, that were once restricted to palaces and temples,have been moulded into modern design, without sacrificing their aesthetic appeal. 

Take a peek into the opulent oriental decor from the book Contemporary Thai  and bid goodbye to minimalistic decor!!!

Miniature model for a 19th Century temple happily blends into a modern living room

A reconstructed manuscript cabinet alongside a deckchair and ornate Dutch lamp

Ink drawings of Lanna temples and zodiac signs on the wall

Occidental meets Oriental

Side panels of Burmese Xylophone inlaid with mirrors

Magical Wishing Tree motif in gold leaf stencil

An ornate sideboard against clothing and blanket baskets

Traditional table setting

Let me know if you like this. Will try to get more for you later!


Rajiv said...

Good design in blog too. Nice images are selected. Providing with the link of that book was very helpful idea.

Mohua said...

Thanks Rajiv! Keep checking out for more.

Bindu Damodaran Menon said...

Beautiful pics Mohua. Did you click all of them. I just loved some designs and decors.

Tamal Srimany said...

"...I strongly feel the presence of God in all forms of design..." ....mesmerizing!!

Ranjana Banerjee Ghosal said...

Just went through your blog...amazing...brilliant work!

Sanjukta Basu said...

Congrats on your blog! I think its a great idea . Loved the pictures and your notes. The interiors are fantastic ! Keep sharing and happy blogging :-)

Mohua said...

Thanks to all of you for such words of encouragement!