Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Office

       When I was doing a regular job, my homemaker cousin often used to say that it is fun to dress up and go out everyday. Yes, to some extent it is true. But now that I work from home and at my own pace and pleasure, I am enjoying the benefits of  a freelancer. Though working from home also needs a tremendous amount of self-discipline, it is also great to watch the world rush by at office time when I do not have to worry about the traffic on the road,the train timings or the weather!  And yeah, a modest Home Office adds to the charm!

    First identify a place where to set up your office. If possible, avoid your living room or media room as you will get easily distracted or disturbed.

A study in crimson


Black and grey

      If one is lucky enough to have a spare room for office, there are lots of advantages! But many have small offices in their bedrooms, dining rooms or study. If you expect clients at home, you may consider setting up the meeting area somewhere in the living room as it would not entail taking them inside your bedroom. 
    Since I find space management a very exciting concept, I marvel at attractive small home offices that retain their individuality as well as blend with the decor of that room.
     Have a look!

An interior designer's office

An interesting desk

Aesthetic look

Modern look

Soft Look
A French style office

Floral Design

  Therefore, an office need not look boring and all serious! When you are designing a home office, experiment with colours, textures, prints and decor styles. A cheerful office will drive away the Monday blues.
  Images via Elle Decor, Style at Home, Ideal Home, Living Etc, House to Home.

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