Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sweet Dreams

They entertain us. They grab our eyeballs wherever they go. We try to emulate them. We follow them. They invade various realms of our lives through magazines, televisions and the internet. And we encroach upon their privacy in public.

       But most of the time, they are out of the reach of the common man. They are designers, architects, artists ....-- all enjoying celebrity status in their own fields.

      Most of the times, they are braving the flashlights, smiling at shutterbugs, setting trends.....

    But away from the humdrum, how do these stars spend their quiet moments?

Bedroom of Fashion Czarina Donatella Versace

Bedroom of Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo

Simple bedroom of Actor Meg Ryan

Bedroom of Fashion Designer Josie Natori

Eclectic Bedroom of Fashion Designer Roberto Cavalli

Africa-influenced bedroom of a journalist-designer

Bedroom of Actress Alexandra Wentworth

 Pictures courtesy Elle Decor

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