Friday, September 23, 2011

Beautify With Butterflies

Butterflies. Yes we all love butterflies.How often have we marvelled at a colourful butterfly fluttering from one flower from to another or over a field? These delicate, ephemeral creatures bring cheers to our gardens. The fluttering butterflies are symbol of freedom and beauty. Their stunning designs and vivid colours remind us of the nature's bounty and the Master Craftsman's ingenuity! So incorporate this beautiful element into your interior with these delightful accessories.

Design Legacy

La Maisonnette

Courtesy Better Homes and Gardens

Make your your tea-time and dinner parties special by showing off your fine taste with these...

Hom Art
Anna Weatherley

Anna Weatherley

Wildlife Wonders
Clarke's Collectibles

Both by Jewel Berries

Wildlife Wonder

Take the butterflies to your walls and fabrics with these fine embroideries and framed beauties that will definitely add pops of colour and a touch aesthetics to your rooms.

Chinese Embroidery
Natural Curiosities
Paperweights Two's Company
Napkin Rings by

Cloisonné cotton from Osborne and Little

Pheromone Design

Vintage Print Gallery

Marble Table by Odegard

Butterfly Clock from

Butterfly Candles: Better Homes and Gardens

So do not get that fluttering feeling in your stomach at the thought of home decor. These butterflies will really add dollops of cute accents to your rooms and keep you connected with nature.

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