Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spice of Asia

Asian style of interior decor is gradually becoming more and more popular all over the globe because of its use of vibrant colours, opulent prints and textures and intricate handcrafted artefacts. 

I also love lots of colour and textured fabrics or  interesting block prints in my interior space. Here I present some homes that reflect the true Asian decor style-- complete with electrifying colours, energetic display and a spirited way of life.

A typical Asian living room

Asian-style showcase
Daybed Nook

Warm Look

Attractive display over console

Bright colours in bedroom

Multi-hued cushions and paintings
An inviting corner

Modern and antique side-by-side
Antique trays on the wall
Fish and water-filled vase lend the Feng shui accent

A tranquil outdoor space

Using artworks for decoration
Bright accents

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