Sunday, October 7, 2012

Decorate with Spritual Elements

Displaying spiritual elements in the house is very common in many parts of the world. Be it Lord Ganesha, Budhha, Jesus Christ or any other sacred element, all become pieces of art and adorn the console top, the side/centre table or the wall. They also add a sense of belonging as well as some component of interest to our spaces. A blend of ethnic and spiritual items can be displayed in a room very artistically, without compromising on the contemporary look of the space.

So scout the flea markets, antique/furniture shops or your mother's house for that carved Altar table, decorative cross, or may be some silver idols. Who says that you can display them only during festivities? These sculptures and artefacts will showcase some historical perspective as well as work as conversation pieces throughout the year.

A Chinese Altar Table
A Buddha Bust
An Indian Damachiya Console with carved images of Goddess Kuladevi

A Mexican Santo

An Ethiopian Processional Cross

A Screen with Spiritual Elements


Buddha Statues at Cher's Penthouse designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

A statue of Indian Goddess at Cher's penthouse

Entry to Cher's Bedroom: painted vellum panel of Buddha

Saraswati--the Goddess of Learning from Nepal

Lord Ganesha Sculpture

Lord Ganesha Plate
A Brass Nataraj Statue

Chinese Gods

Carved Indian Statues

Crucifixion Wall Sculpture

Carved statue of Laxmi-- the Goddess of Wealth
Nataraj Statue

Chinese Altar Table with Drawers

Madonna and Child

God of the Grape Harvest Wall Decor
Blessings of Buddha

Celestial Express: Sun Wall Decor

Pedestals carved with Greek God patterns

Buddha Wall Frieze

Home in a Converted Church

Buddha Presiding Over Side Table
A Closer Look
Buddha on the Wall
Buddha on Console

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