Friday, June 22, 2012

Be Neutral, Go Neutral

Personally I love profusion of colours in my rooms as I feel that they bring life to any space. But I often come across neutral rooms that look dramatic and classy. Neutrals are mostly calming and pleasing to the senses. But as with colours, one has to keep in mind several factors while creating a neutral palette so that it doesn't look boring and lifeless.

A Villa : by Michael Abrams Limited
 So take tips from these on how to cleverly use the palest grey and beige to milky whites and cream to chocolate browns and create a sophisticated space that is warm and inviting.

By Michael Abrams Limited

 By Michael Abrams
Use Different Shades of the Same Colour

If you have opted for beige, cream, taupe or any other neutral, the same shade all over the space will make the room look very drab. Instead, use different shades and patterns of the same colour to add drama and depth to your room.

Sophisticated Elegance by Michael Abrams
Dressing Room by Michael Abrams

Bedroom in a Villa
Beautiful peach waffle weave bedspread
Luxurious by Michael Abrams
Multiple Textures Balance Well

Different elements and distinct textures will lift your room from mundane to interesting. So contrast fabrics with leather, wood with steel, wall colours with draperies.

A glittery entertainment unit and corner chair


Create a Focal Point 

Do create a focal point with a painting,
patterned rug, a tribal object etc by picking
up colours from the neutral shades in the 
room to bind all the colours together.

Orange and brown, Silk,velvet and wood

Peach and Chocolaty shades: Michael Abrams Limited

Both by  Michael Abrams

Incorporate Pattern and Colour

The large-scale pattern on the drapery or in the form of paintings will really add dimension to any neutral room. Introduce these elements in the form of an area rug, vases, cushions, trays, lamps etc.
Colour Yellow beautifully complements the peaches and tans in this room

Patterns breaking the monotony of white: Style at Home
Feel of an under-water with colours and natural elements 
The red colour pops against neutrals
Brown, Beige and Mustard : Michael Abrams Limited
Clean lines
Red on the floor, blue on the wall: Michael Abrams Limited
Yellow and brown

Flowers and accents: Elle Decor
Teal, brown, red, blue against a neutral wall : Elle Decor
Soothing  in cream, brown and turquoise: Elle Decor

Mix Neutrals

Don't be hesitant to combine different neutral colours like beiges and chocolates, greys and whites, silver grey and deep charcoal etc.

Go White

White may look too clinical. So be careful while decorating with white. Dashes of colour in the form of accessories, furniture and fabrics will do the trick. Natural elements like flowers, dry branches, potted plants also enhance the appeal of the creamy or milky white space.

White with shades of grey
White dinning space
Perfect place to unwind
Cream and metal Vanity
Serene and amidst nature
Milky White and turquoise
Sea-themes beach house
Synthesis of patterns and colours

Michael Abrams Limited

Grey with white and orange-brown
Touches of green, grey and black
Elegant in grey and brown

 Devin Kirk's Chicago apartment
Elle Decor
Elle Decor

Elle Decor
Some more soothing neutral rooms from 


 And finally, as I always say, add little touches of your creativity and lap up all the compliments!!


jacinta said...

loved them. inspired to try them out. Neutral can be awesome

Mohua Chakraborty said...

Thanks Jacinta. Do try this out and send me the pictures.